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Grandparents: happy half term

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Many look after their grandchildren so their parents can work. Hats off to them

This week, thousands of grandparents will pack their suitcases and take themselves off for a welcome break as the grandchildren for whom they normally care enjoy half term with their parents. Holiday providers have reported a significant increase in grandparents taking their breaks during school holidays, a reflection of the fact that so many now undertake regular childcare duties for their families.

As the cost of childcare soars, and the pressure to retain a job increases while household incomes plummet, the role a grandparent plays in caring for their grandchildren has taken on an added value. While childcare may be a happy undertaking, and mutually beneficial for adult and child, it nevertheless requires that some sacrifices are made. For instance, the freedom that retirement may bring is inevitably curtailed, as are some of the guilty pleasures, unless, of course, they can be shared with a six-year-old.

So, at the start of this half-term week, we salute the invaluable contribution that so many grandparents make – and we wish them a very happy and restful holiday.

For further information on Kinship Care Bill please click here



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