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Love Beyond Bounds: The Best Things About Being a Kinship Carer

by in Helen Moody, Kinship Care posted .

As Kinship Care Week 2023 comes to a close, The Grandparents Legal Centre joins in celebrating the unsung heroes – Kinship Carers. Despite the array of challenges they face, there’s a resounding consensus that witnessing the growth and prosperity of these children stands as the most gratifying aspect of their role.

We reached out to Kinship Carers from various corners of the country, asking them: “What is the best thing about being a Kinship Carer?” Here’s what they shared:

“Giving our little one a positive family environment with the knowledge that they are loved”

“Knowing that you’ve kept them safe and given them a fighting chance in life is everything”

“Knowing that we stepped in when their parents stepped out. We kept them out of the care system and we do it without any support for them either financial or emotional, we take each day as it comes but ever night we get our reward with kisses and love yous from them”

“Seeing him thriving, happy, healthy and meeting milestones that just wouldn’t have been possible had he remained at home”

“Seeing my grandchildren thrive and watch them develop into fantastic young people with amazing aspirations is the greatest privilege”

“Keeping your family together, helping keep a sense of belonging”

“It is always a privilege to be part of a child’s life journey, and most especially our precious children, who have come unexpectedly into our lives!”

“When you see their insecurities slowly fade to be replaced by their confidence & happiness”

“Providing a child with the basic building blocks of connection, empathy and love are the most rewarding things about Kinship caring for me. Knowing that I am supporting them to have a more fulfilled and meaningful adult life by nurturing them in childhood.”

“Knowing that this little girl is safe and cherished and will have the best opportunities we can give her. She goes to bed clean warm safe and cared for and wakes us with a smile. We are blessed to have her around”

In these heartfelt responses, we find a common thread of selfless devotion and unwavering love. Kinship Carers embody resilience, ensuring that every child under their care grows up in an environment where they can flourish, loved and cherished. They stand as a beacon of hope, affirming that family, in all its forms, is a stronghold of support and growth.




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