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Financial Abuse

We are here to offer you specialist advice in financial abuse cases. Meet our team of experts to provide you with a tailor made service to assist you. At GLC we have experienced lawyers who are specialists in this area of law. There is evidence to suggest that 60%-80% of financial abuse against older people takes place in the home (Help the Aged 2008).

It is a sad fact that older people and individuals who are vulnerable are more likely than other people to be the victims of financial abuse.

There is evidence to suggest that 60%-80% of financial abuse against older people takes place in the home (Help the Aged 2008).  It is usually perpetrated by a relative or close friend of the victim and it can relate to either an individual’s property or finances during their lifetime, as well as their will.

Sometimes the signs of financial abuse can be difficult to identify; it can be very difficult and upsetting for someone who is the victim of financial abuse to admit that there is a problem and to ask for help.  We are very often involved in cases where financial abuse during someone’s lifetime only becomes apparent after their death.

If you believe that there may have been suspicious transactions during your parent’s lifetime that has only come to light after their death, what can you do?  Getting evidence is vital; suspicions alone will never be enough to bring a claim against someone who is suspected of financial abuse.  It is really important to obtain specialist legal advice about the sort of evidence that will be required and whether the value of the claim justifies pursuing it, before making any allegations against a family member or anyone else.

The law in this area may be criminal (if fraud or forgery is involved). Or there may be a civil claim, for the monies to be returned.

Very often the person who has received the money or property will say that it was a gift – that argument will not always hold water:

These cases can be upsetting; when a parent has died, children and grandchildren can understandably feel very distressed if they then discover that their loved one has been financially abused. In this situation it’s very important to consider the facts and evidence very carefully.

At GLC we understand the issues and can give sensitive, cost effective and practical advice.


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Sarah Young

Sarah Young specialises in contentious probate law, which includes advising on inheritance disputes, problems with executors and arguments involving financial abuse of the elderly (often involving disputes over property ownership)....

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