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Nigel Priestley wins Legal Champion of the Year

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We are delighted to announce that Nigel Priestley, Senior Partner at Ridley & Hall Solicitors has won Legal Champion of the Year at the Inaugural Kinship CareNigel Priestley and Kathy Ashley, Family Rights Group Awards.

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of Grandparents Plus commented “Nigel Priestley recently won Legal Champion of the Year at the Inaugural Kinship Care Awards that we hosted jointly with Neil Stewart Associates.  He won because he is the country’s recognised leading legal advocated for grandparents and other family members who are in the position of having to raise a child who can no longer live with their parents, and who then often find they face the additional battle of having to challenge their local authority.

Nigel’s doesn’t just win cases for individual grandparents – important though that is – but the cases he is bringing have an impact far beyond that case and effectively change policy and practice for others as local authorities start to adjust what they do in light of his victories in order to avoid a legal challenge themselves.”

For further information contact Nigel Priestley on 01484 538 421



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