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Raising Awareness of Kinship Care

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Issue raised: Raising Awareness of Kinship Care

A heart warming story to show that there is hope for even the most difficult of issues relating to Grandparents rights

Deb Tester wrote: Dear Grandparents Plus I have been in dire straights But for the last 12 months We have been supported fully by Thew LA financially emotionally…. training provided etc they even got a restraining order for us…… never thought I would say this but Thank you Powys ss we are also currently in the middle of form f our grandkids are aged 5 and 6 we refused to get any orders they are in process of care order the grandkids will stay with us on a long term basis NOME OF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IF we had not had advice from Nigel Priestley… it all started with sec 17 payments and a plan was hatched we now have a life ……… without backing it was just an existance of spiraling debt and uncertain futures Never give up x

Valerie Kerr
12:04pm Oct 24
Yes Nigel is very good, I would advise anyone in these circumstances to use Nigel from Ridley & Hall Solicitors.

For further information go to:

Nigel Priestley

Nigel Priestley
Ridley and Hall Solicitors
t: 01484 538421
f: 01484  533076



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