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by Themer Slimane in Grandchildren, Helen Moody, Kinship Care posted 20th May 2019.

Lack of Local Authority support for London Grandmother results in back payment of £110,000 for caring for her grandchildren

Over the time that I have been working as a kinship care specialist, I estimate that I have recovered around […]

by Themer Slimane in Helen Moody posted 21st July 2017.

Battling grandad makes Kirklees pay

In July 2012, Mr Jones was given an ultimatum by Social Services: “If you can’t care for your grandson, he […]

by Themer Slimane in GLC, Helen Moody, Nigel Priestley posted 11th July 2017.

Victorious grandad says: ‘I feel like a millionaire’

Mr Thompson loved spending time with his grandchildren James and Ellie. He was a single grandfather but always made sure […]



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